Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Developing story: Roberts to Cubs

The kids at ACB have been following the happenings at Orioles Hangout for much of the winter. Today this report from the Hangout has 2B Brian Roberts coming to the Cubs for Cedeno, Marshall and Gallagher. Right now this is just a rumor.

On the Trib's Baseball Blog--The great Phil Rogers is reporting that this deal will happen and the only question is how much JH will give up for Roberts:

On hold over much of the last month, the Brian Roberts talks are on again between the Cubs and Baltimore Orioles. This deal is almost certainly going to happen -- the only question is when and how much it is going to cost the Cubs.

The feeling among major league executives is soon, and a lot. Don't be surprised if the trade is finalized later this week -- perhaps even Wednesday -- and the deal includes pitchers Sean Marshall, Sean Gallagher and Ronny Cedeno.

Is Phil using the Hangout as a Source?

More to come on this developing story...

UPDATE 7:24 -- WGN Radio's David Kaplan chimes in on his blog that the price for Roberts could be higher:

Next up on the trade front is All Star second baseman Brian Roberts and standout starting pitcher Erik Bedard. The Cubs are hot to trot for Roberts who would fit perfectly at the top of their order but contrary to what is being reported in Baltimore, the price is very high. Several sources have reported that O's President Andy MacPhail is looking for pitchers Sean Marshall and Sean Gallagher plus minor league shortstop Ronny Cedeno. Great sources have told me that the price for Roberts is much higher than that. Names that the Orioles are reportedly asking for include Rich Hill and several much more highly regarded players that could include Felix Pie, minor league standout outfielder Tyler Colvin, and others. Sources also tell me that GM Jim Hendry will not part with Hill in any deal and while he is willing to pay a high price, he i s not willing to bankrupt his system of elite prospects.

Will this deal get done? I believe that it will but both sides will have to compromise and in the end the Cubs will pay a very steep price to snare one of the few elite leadoff men in the game. Roberts stole 50 bases in an All Star campaign in 2007 while hitting .290 with 12 home runs and driving in 57. His OBP of .377 would be a huge upgrade for the Cubs lineup but the big question that still remains is: At what price?

I'll agree with what Maddog said in the comments below. Colvin is a moveable piece with Fukudome and Soriano wrapped up for so many years. Beyond that I'd tell MacFail to go fuck himself.

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