Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Today in Cub History...

On this date in 1938 Gabby Hartnett hit his famous "Homer in the Gloamin" as darkness descended on Wrigley Field in the ninth inning. This Homerun is one of the biggest in Cubs history. Gabby's blast gave the Cubs a 6-5 victory over the Pirates. It was their ninth straight victory on their way to the NL crown. This win would be critical for the Northsiders who would win the NL Pennant by 2 games over the Bucs.

Back in those days the Cubs used to win the National League Pennant every 3 years. The Northsiders took the Pennant in '29, '32, 35, and in '38. Gabby played on all of those teams and finished the '38 season as a Player/Manager. In 1938 what Cub fan would have imagined that the team would only win one more pennant over the next 67 years. It's hard to imagine.

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