Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday observations

The Cubs delayed their Mathematical elimination this afternoon. Beating the Astros 5-4 the Northsiders played the role of spoiler. They did this despite an awful outing from Scott Williamson. Ryan Dempster reached a milestone in his career recording his 30th save of 2005. The Cubs have not had many bright spots on the mound this season, but Dempster has done a good job as closer.

Earlier in the day I drove from Detroit to Chicago. On a drive like that you have plenty of time to think about things. Listening to the radio I heard the panic of Sox fans. Even the national media has discovered the Sox collapse. All of the national sports channels were discussing the AL Central.

The Sox collapse got me thinking about the Cubs 2003 and 2004 finishes. A year ago at this time the Cubs were leading the NL Wildcard by a half game. The games versus the Muts and the Reds were awful. The end of this season has actually been much less stressful than the past few. Still, I would take the excitement of where the Sox are and enjoy having meaningful games the last week of the season. It really sucks not to have the Cubs playing meaningful games this time of year.

Derrek Lee is still trying to win the batting title. He'd be the first Cub to do so since Bill Buckner did it in 1980. Billy Buck won the title hitting .324 that year. Back to 2005, Lee went 3-3 this afternoon (and knocked in his 104th run). His average now stands at .341. With one week to play watching Lee pursue the batting title and rooting for the Cubs to knock the Astros out of the playoffs are really the only things we have left to watch.

Have a great weekend everyone. Go Badgers Saturday! Go Bears on Sunday!

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