Tuesday, September 06, 2005

And the Tribsters shrugged...

It comes as no surprise to this Cub fan that the Northsiders TV ratings are down. Ed Sherman reports in today's Tribune that the Cubs local tv ratings have fallen nearly 30%:

The Cubs are off nearly 30 percent on WGN and WCIU, dropping from a 9.1 to a 6.3, and they have slid from a 6.5 on Fox Sports Net in 2004 to a 4.1 on CSN in 2005.

Well, if you can't hurt the team at the box office (seats were sold back in February), you can vote with your remote. It looks to me like this past year, full of bullshit on and off the field, is finally taking a toll on this franchise.

Talking to Cub fans throughout Chicago and the midwest I have heard more indifference than I have in years. Die-Hard fans, that were pissed off last year, are now just chalking up another bad year. They were ready for football season weeks ago.

BUFFETT AT WRIGLEY -- I had a fun time at the ballpark on Saturday night watching Jimmy Buffett. Buffet put on his normal show -- with a Cubbie spin. The ballpark was a fun venue to watch the concert. Hopefully the the neighborhood will allow the Trib to hold a few more concerts at the ballpark in the future.

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