Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cubs Predictions for 2006

Note that these are predictions, not necessarily my preferences.

- Dusty will be the opening day manager
- Hendry will be the opening day GM
- Corey Patterson will be the opening day CF
- Nomar will be the opening day SS
- Neither Matt Murton nor Ronny Cedeno will be on the opening day 25 man roster
- Ditto for Rich Hill
- On the other hand T-rex lookalike, Roberto Novoa, will be on the opening day roster and will be used regularly in high leverage situations because Dusty thinks he physically resembles a "young Armando Benitez". No word whether Dusty actually thinks he pitches like a "young Armando Benitez".
- If Glendon Rusch opts to stay with the Cubs, he will again start the season in the pen.
- Kerry Wood will be in the starting rotation to begin the season. He will only be removed when his arm flies off during a simulated game.
- The bullpen will start the season 7 men strong and will never be reduced to 6 (possible exception: short term, day or two, roster shuffle between the minors and the big club).

I'll try to remember to pull this post back up early next season, so we can have some laughs.

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