Thursday, September 01, 2005

And the ca$h register rings on...

Since the Cubs are just playing out the string this September...NOW WHAT? Cub tickets have been in such high demand the past few years that they sell out in February, when snow is flying. As fans we take a leap of faith, whether we buy season tickets or single tickets to games in August and September. So what should we do if we are stuck with September tickets?

  1. Use the tickets and enjoy your time at the ballpark.
  2. Use the tickets and be miserable. This is a great opportunity to boo and heckle the players you cannot stand (I took this approach with Mo Alou last season.)
  3. Try and sell these tickets for whatever you can get at this point.
  4. Give the tickets to someone who will appreciate them, and may not have a chance to go otherwise.
  5. Give the tickets to a homeless guy and walk him to the gate to make sure he uses them.
  6. Burn the tickets in a bizzarre End-of-Cubs-Season-Ritual.

I am not sure what the best approach to this situation is. The shame is that these tickets ain't cheap.

What are you gonna do with your remaining tickets?

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