Sunday, March 13, 2005

Wrigley netting to be permanent...

When Mark McGuire and the Tribsters met with Wrigleyville neighbors on Tuesday night there was a warm and fuzzy feeling. Most fans were happy with the Cubs plan for bleacher expansion along with the parking garage west of the ballpark. A topic that I was surprised was never discussed was the much more serious falling concrete in the Grandstand. As a matter of fact in the q & a session two people brought up the falling concrete, McGuire and his programmed answer men just ignored the topic and spinned the question in another direction like politicians.

If it wasn't for Fran Spielman of the Sun-Times you would never know what MacPhail's men are planning next at Clark and Addison. Today we learn that the Cubs answer to the falling concrete is to install netting that will be "much more attractive". The nets are intended to be permanent. Here's what one Tribster told Spielman:
"It'll be much more attractive and much closer to the skin of the rafters. It'll
be pressed up tight with the goal of trying to have it assimilate the color of
the concrete it's protecting. You really won't be able to see it," said a Cubs
official, who asked to remain anonymous.
This is really hard to understand. The Cubs are so concerned with their 1,700 extra bleacher seats that they are avoiding the major work that is needed on the Grandstand. The netting is just going to allow the Grandstand to fall into greater disrepair, before the Cubs finally have to consider ripping down the current upper deck and rebuilding.

I wonder if the Genius will keep defending Mark McGwire? The evidence against McGwire is starting to pile up. Today's NY Daily News goes so far as to tell the public what Big Mac was taking in the early 90's:
Here's a look at the steroid cocktail FBI informants say Mark McGwire took
to become big in the '90s:
1/2 cc of testosterone cypionate every three days
1 cc of testosterone enanthate per week
1/4 cc of equipoise and winstrol
v every three days, injected into the buttocks, one shot for one cheek, one shot
for the other

Many of us knew McGwire and Sosa were not normal in 1998 and beyond. The fact is these guys are not gonna say anything to damage their legacy--as tainted as it might be. You have to go after the Manny Alexander's of the world to get something in these investigations. Get Manny the Mule in front of the Commission on Thursday if you want answers. You know with Uncle Bud, Don Fenr, Sahm, Palmeiro and the rest you're just gonna get the typical dog and pony show.

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