Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The fragile nature of the Cubs starting staff

As most of you are aware, Kerry Wood left today's Cactus League matchup with the Rangers when he felt "tightness" in his right shoulder. My first reaction is to panic. Woody's not gonna panic he says: "I plan on going on my same schedule starting tomorrow."

I was nervous last week when Mark Prior skipped a start to pitch a simulated game. The Cubs continue to tell us that everything is okay. Prior is scheduled to pitch three innings on Thursday.

As a Cub fan I can't help but think of last year. The injuries to Prior and Wood were devastating. The Cubs kept telling us that the pitchers were gonna be back soon. Their return dates kept getting moved back.

You couldn't believe anything the Cubs said about their players health in 2004. Hopefully, in 2005 we can believe the Cubs. Woody will be okay. Prior will be fine. Somehow, I just can't talk myself into believing them.

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