Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dempster Utility Pitcher...I have an idea

1060west faithful,

Ryan Dempster could be stepping into the starting rotation, or the set-up role, and will even get time at the closing slot.

RyDem sat out most of last season, nursing a limp wing, and now is fired up and ready to step into any pitching capacity he is needed.

I don't think I am alone on this one, Dusty has a history of riding his starting pitchers, harder than Buffalo Bill Cody rode his pony in the early days of the US postal service.

All of this chatter about a utility pitcher got me thinking...So sit back and soak this one in.

With Prior, Wood, Maddux, Zambrano, Dempster, Hawkins, Borowski,Remlinger, Rusch.

This leaves a handful of pitchers in the pen, Mitre, Wellmeyer, Weurtz...

Couldn't we just let each of these guys pitch one inning every game???
With a nine-man nine inning rotation, you would stymie oppossing batters by switching it up on them every time they come to the plate. No need to wait for Dusty to ride a pitcher to his pending doom..

Game to Game the rotation changes the 9th man in the rotation sits 3 days, while one of the bullpen bandits replaces the 1st picther the next day and everyone gets bumped one inning...Genius..Why aren't I the manager of the Cubs, why aren't I the commissioner of the entire MLB?

The bullpen itself would be alive with 3 guys warming up through-out the entire game, this will also keep everyone awake in the pen, too bad we didn't try this when farnsworth was here, it might have curbed his late night frolics at the local watering holes.

Think of the possiblities, 9 man rotation, it might be the greatest invention since artificial turf, or corked bats, or undetectable steroids.

Let me hear your objections to this 9 man rotation that will surely revolutionize the game you once knew, and I will squadh the opposition and nay-sayers and prove my theories on a full season of PS2 '05 baseball. that is just like real anyway.

That is my infinite wisdom for today...Tune in next week when I think of a new way to revolutionize the sport....4 quadrant baseball fields that make foul balls obsoletet, everything is fair...

Just about outside,


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