Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Bullpen: Plan B

With Joe Borowski now on the shelf with a fracture in his right wrist the Cubs now have to look at "Plan B" for the closers role (at least until mid-June).

With Wood and Prior both huge question marks to start the season, I'll eliminate Dempster and Glendon Spahn. This probably puts the Cubs and you fans back into the horror that was 2004. LaTroy Hawkins will probably start 2005 as Cub closer. This is not what I want to see, but this is the "experienced-veteran/Dusty's guy" approach.

Once you get past Dempster, Rusch & Hawkins the options for Baker are Mike Remlinger and a bunch of young right handers, Wuertz, Wellemeyer, and Leicester. History tells us Baker won't go with one of the young guys. Jim Hendry's inability to make any upgrades to the Cub bullpen this offseason is going to bite this team. Now the Cubs are looking for a closer. The price just went up for Dotel and Urbina.

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