Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The worst pennant race imaginable

The other day I wrote:

Yeah this division sucks . Frankly, I don't even think they should allow a team from this division into the tournament. But that's a post for another day.

Well this is another day and this is that post.

Tonite the Cubs tied the Milwaukee Brewers for the NL Central lead once again. The Cubs once again are tied with the Brewers as the best of the worst division in baseball (the tallest midget if you will). A few weeks ago I thought that one of these clubs, specifically the Cubs, would take their lead, at the time 2.5 games, and grow it en route to the 2007 divisional title. Instead what I have watched is three teams piss all over themselves, not once, twice, or thrice but repeatedly. These teams are playing horrendous baseball. Not a single one of these teams is worthy to play in October and have the great Chip Caray (tongue inserted in cheek) call their playoff run on TBS.

What makes this whole thing even worse is the fact that one of these teams not only makes the playoffs, but they are going to have an actual shot at winning the whole damn thing. We saw last season that anything is possible in October. As shameful as it was that the Cardianls won it last year, it will be just as shameful if the Cubs or Brewers win it. You see the World Series is not for .500 clubs. This is not the Stanley Cup playoffs or the NBA Playoffs. The 162 game regular season is supposed to mean something. When you allow the 05 Padres, the 06 Cardianls and the 07 NL Central Champ into the playoffs, the regular season no longer means very much. Thank you Bud Selig.

What's even more shameful than this is the fact that the large market Chicago Cubs spending $300 million (mostly backloaded money of cousre) could not construct a team that would win 87-90 wins playing the majority of their schedule against the crappy teams that makeup this shit division. Yeah the Cubs has several really good ballplayers, but for some reason none of them has played up to expectations. Something is simply missing from the club. I know there is no such thing as a perfect baseball club, but in this division the Cubs didn't have to be perfect to run away with this race.

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