Friday, September 28, 2007

Chicago Cubs 2007 NL Central Champs

2007 Chicago Cubs
National League Central Division Champions

Following a BIG GAME pitched by the Cubs ACE Carlos Zambrano the Northsiders waited for the results 90 miles north of Chicago in Milwaukee at Miller Park. The Brewers loss to the Padres clinched the Cubs fourth divisional title in franchise history. We all know the seasons: NL EAST CHAMPS in 1984 & 1989, NL CENTRAL CHAMPS in 2003 & now 2007!

Again I say W-O-W. It has been such a roller coaster ride all season with these guys. The division sucked, but who cares. In the end the Cubs were the first NL team to punch a ticket to October baseball! In the end credit has to go to John McDonough, Jim Hendry, Lou Piniella and all of the coaches. Most of all credit has to go to all of the ballplayers(except Steve Trachsel) that wore the blue pinstripes this season. These guys got the job done.

What can I say. I'm heading for a celebratory OS Light or three. I'll write more on this win, the amazing month of September and the upcoming MLB playoffs later.

Most of all what I want to say tonite is simple: "Congrats Cub Fans, enjoy it."

It's gonna be great to have October baseball at Clark and Addison starting next weekend. The atmosphere will be INCREDIBLE. I can't wait.


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