Thursday, September 27, 2007

The sod: a developing story. Plus a touchy RHP

This isn't really a 'developing story'. I just like how the MSM uses that for everything. Maybe we could do a developing story on my angst. Oh wait, we've done that already. Here's some visual eveidence, taken by 1060west's very own Vehere, on the sod fiasco that is going on at Wrigley Field. Here's what Cub professional spinmeister Mark McGuire said about the sod:

"Our feeling is we wanted the field in good condition, and the best thing was to do it for the playoffs,"

They have been 'so concerned' about the suface that was tore up back around the 4th of July by a concert, that they have played half a season on it. Sounds to me like they really want the field in good condition. LMAO. I'll call bullshit Mr. McGuire. The only reason the Cubs are doing this is Uncle Bud's office told them to do so. This from a Daily Herald story last Sunday:

According to a Cubs source, Major League Baseball also believes the outfield is a concern and may be looking to re-sod portions should there be playoffs on it.

The Cubs play their final home game today, which would give MLB almost two weeks to fix the problem. The Cubs wouldn't host Game 3 of the National League division series until Saturday, Oct. 6.

Unreal how this team can always find ways to add more seats, or host concerts if it means more revenue. But put in a decent playing surface? Well that would cost real money. So the Cubs throw down some new sod and pray they don't have to play a tiebreaker game on Monday. WTF? I actually give Selig's office some credit for stepping in on this, lord knows nobody in the Tower would. But if they have to play a game on Monday... for the safety of the ballplayers maybe they should move the game to Comiskey. (and I'm only half kidding)

Anyways, it looks to me like MLB is calling the shots and the Trib ownership is as lame as it has ever been.

Touchy Touchy: I just had to laugh when I read this about today's starter Steve Trachsel in Chris DeLuca's story in today's Sun-Times:

MIAMI -- Suddenly, the Milwaukee Brewers matter. When the week began, the Brewers were a disappearing dot in the rearview mirror, but after the Cubs' 7-4 loss Wednesday night to the Florida Marlins, they were larger than life on the big-screen TV in the visiting clubhouse at Dolphin Stadium.

"Turn it the [expletive] off," shouted veteran pitcher Steve Trachsel, the latest Cub who will swim with the fishes today.

Certainly, panic buttons are being pressed all over Chicago, where late-season collapses come with the territory. Is the panic finally sweeping the Cubs' clubhouse?

Outside of the always-touchy Trachsel, there seems to be a remnant of calm confidence. But it's wearing thin.

LMAO. I'm glad Trachs has brought a calming veteran presence to the Cubs clubhouse. Today is possibly the last big league start he will ever make. Not sure if any of that sinks in with the Cubs touchy right hander. The guy has been a douchebag since he came up with this club. Why change now? Go get 'em douchebag!

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