Saturday, September 08, 2007

The eyes of Cubdom are on Big Z

Tonite the Cubs will look to their ace to stop a two game losing streak. More important they will look to see how Z rebounds from his embarassing start on Labor Day and his absolute horrendous pitching in August and one start into September.
Following his embarrassing performance on Monday Carlos sent the Cubs PR machine into overdrive with his foolish comments about Cub fans. Here are my thoughts on that stupidity, so I won't revisit it. Earlier this season following the brawl with Michael Barrett, Z put everything aside and started pitching really well. Cub fans hope the same thing happens tonite. Z has the ability to be THE force that turns baseballs worst division in favor of the Cubs. If he pitches the way he did in August and on Monday he puts alot of pressure on starters 2 through 5.5.

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