Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Irrational or rational angst

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Following last nites debacle, here's a conversation I had with my self:

MY: A two and a half game lead with five games to
SELF: They can't blow this.
MY: Are you kidding yourself this is the Cubs. Look
Milwaukee just went up 7-1 on St. Louis. The lead is now two.
Still all the Cubs have to do is win three of their
final five and if the Brewers lose one, they have to lose one...
MY: There you go again. Trying to talk yourself into it.
Just admit it. If any team can piss away a 3-1/2 game lead with 6 to play it is your Chicago Cubs. They have nearly pissed half of it away in two days.
SELF: We'll get 'em tomorrow.
MY: LMAO. Will you ever learn, dumb ass.

Armchair therapists and Anon posters have at me. I can't decide whether I'm on the bandwagon or the ledge. This my friends is gut wrenching.

Oh well enjoy tonite...if you can.

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