Friday, August 17, 2007

The toast of wrigleyville

Has there been a more villified player in Cubdom than Jacque Jones the last two seasons? His poor start last season was not forgotten despite the fact that he actually finished with a good season. During the offseason he was rumored to have asked to be traded. That was followed by a horrendous first half that found Jones on the end of Lou Piniella's bench. Next he was nearly traded to the Marlins for nothing. That deal was nixed by someone (Selig, Zell, Hendry or McDonough). Slowly Piniella has gotten Jones back into the lineup. Jones has responded with improved play. And today...

Today the guy who was public enemy #1 the past season and a half in Cubdom became the hero. In the midst of the Cubs push for the NL Central, JJ single handedly beat (alright Rich Hill deserves a little love too) the hard charging, arch-rival St. Louis Cardinals. First in the fifth it was Jones with the leather:

Then in the sixth it was his bat:
Pictures above from the Chicago Tribune
The boos have turned into standing ovations. Baseball is sure a fickle and funny game. Way to go JJ!

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