Saturday, August 04, 2007


Yesterday's early departure had all of us wondering what was wrong with Big Z. Watching the game on television I have to tell you, following the strikeout of Gotay to end the fourth I became worried. Carlos walked around the mound and he awkwardly waved his lower arm around before leaving the field. It almost reminded me of someone trying to wake up a foot that has fallen asleep. When he came out for the fifth inning I figured my worries were unfounded.

It turns out they were. The trouble was Carlos was getting into a dangerous zone on a hot/muggy afternoon in Chicago. You see it turns out Big Z is not a big fan of drinking H2O. According to the Cubs and Carlos, the big right hander simply didn't consume enough water on this summer afternoon. Carlos tells us it won't happen again:

"I will do everything to take care of that," Zambrano said. "I don't think this will affect me in my next start. I will do everything that's possible [to prevent it]. … I don't like to drink much water. I will have to start doing it."

Now this page has talked all about the over use (or abuse) of Zambrano by Dusty Baker through his spell as manager (That's a topic for another day). But on this matter, I for one am gonna take the Cubs at their word. Lou Piniella's staff has been pretty straight forward with the players injuries this year. Even when you look back on it, the Cubs have never really told us anything outside the truth when it has come to Z's health.

So if dehydration was the issue, drink some water or a sports drink Big Z. Besides there could be some money in it for him. One of the multitude of sports drinks must be in need of a celebrity spokesperson. Carlos, your window has opened. Can you see a television spot with Keith Jackson narrating the difficulties Z had on the mound. He started drinking "brand G" and the Cubs went on to win behind Z. I'd say there's an opportunity.

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