Tuesday, August 21, 2007

on death and dying

while i think it might be premature to call it dead, this blog is certainly really ill. when it's gotten to the point where ccd and i are on the blower laughing about how we need to find different blogs to comment on because ours sucks, you know the well has been poisoned.

i once told al yellon that blogs work only by consensus, and that once the consensus is gone the place is dying. later that day he blocked my ip. i'm sure he thought at that time that he was proving me wrong -- but when cubbiejulie told him to fly a kite and took most of the interesting commenters with her, the truth of the principle was more effectively demonstrated. bcb has been a shell of itself since, even more quality deficient than it was previously.

and it's certainly proved true here too. turns out that one mindless but determined assclown who can't quit masturbating over koyie hill is all it takes to put what had previously steadily climbed in popularity to become the seventh-most-influential cub blog effectively out of commission -- for a while, if not forever.

the place might come back. if it does, i doubt it'll be as a champion of free speech, the limitations and drawbacks of which are now pretty clear. for my part, this isn't a church -- i favor loose rules, but there's no high principle to uphold here. if deleting comments and commenters with sharp and capricious prejudice suits pragmatism and convenience, so much the better. i really couldn't give a fuck about how the deleted feel, or if they feel at all.

but if it doesn't, i have a hard time believing the loss will be felt anywhere by anyone. a lot of interesting stuff about the cubs has been said here, some of it stuff that no one else says. what is that really worth?

anyway, i'm sure all this belongs in a comment and if there were any that's where it would be. if/when there is such a thing again, i'll move it there. until then, keep praying to the mother goddess babip and make sure your rally cap is handy.

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