Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Answer to the mystery

Update 11:06 AM 8/23
This place is basically dead to me and the reason is right here in this comment thread. Not Anonymous/TechnoHawk just had to bring up the Koyie Hill thing for, what must be, the 15,000 time. Jesus damn dancing Christ, how many times can one guy say the same thing?

We get it Techno, you think Koyie Hill is a big reason for the Cubs winning ways for a couple months. Can you now leave it alone? You've made your point and everyone understands your point. It just that most of us here don't agree with it to the degree you do and that isn't going to change no matter how many damn times you say it. Can you understand that? Repetition is getting you no where on this issue. So please, for the love of all that's decent, stop fucking repeating it ad nauseum.

And yes, we're still going to mock it if we feel like doing so. Learn to live with it.

Thunderclap Newman

We all know what killed 1060west.net, right? Sure we do. It's not due to "one mindless but determined assclown who can't quit masturbating over koyie hill" or any of the reasons put forth here.

It's dead due to our collective fear of TechnoHawk's vast baseball knowledge and Lord Kurt's promise of physical violence against those of us who don't allow him a pulpit to preach from.

End of Story.

Go Cubs. Go Man City. Go Bears. And yes JD, GO HAWKS!

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