Saturday, June 30, 2007

Messin' with the streak!

Before we all join hands and start singing coombyaah, it appears we have a crack in the 'One for All and All for One' attitude in our band of merry men from the north side.

I mean messin' with the streak is a sacred thing, right?

Doesn't every player need to put personal accolades aside, especially now that the team has finally gained some form of respectability and confidence?

The announcement by the Cub's ace that he wants Uncle Lou, to juggle the rotation so he can pitch in the All Star game when and if he's selected, is the type of Karma this team surely doesn't need, and is just another reason why Zambrano should be traded.

Maybe it's foolish to think professional athletes give a damn about most anyone but themselves, but what about their teammates? Don't they matter? Doesn't one of the team's stars need to set an example?

Yesterday's game can create a sense of belief and hope that the team can overcome difficult situations, but a proclamation like Zambrano's can just as quickly poison it.

The Cubs are a long shot to overtake the Brewers for the NL Central title as it is, and they certainly don't need one of their big guns crying about personal accomplishments in the face of the monumental task in front of them.

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