Friday, June 01, 2007

Cubs To Debut On ESPN 2

So this is what a $100 million here and a $100 million there comes down to...Access Hollywood is reporting that the Cubs will no longer be carried by TV networks for major league baseball games but will instead head new programming to help bolster the sagging ratings for ESPN 2's wildly unsuccessful Friday Night Fights.

It's no surprise, as the Cubs have long since stopped playing any sort of major league baseball for years. Now they've finally found a niche market, the dying sport of boxing, they can dominate.

Ultimate Fighting, has firmly supplanted boxing as the preferred venue for fight enthusiasts. So the Cubs enter the sport of traditional boxing, that is in need of a jump start to attract new fans. The Cubs still have a huge fan base and the marketing guru's in the Trib Tower feel they can boost the value of the franchise before the team is sold by partnering with ESPN.

The pilot ran today at Wrigley Field, and plans to air all future shows will feature combatants in full uniform including spikes, to ensure the probability of some real blood letting.

Let's face it, the dollars in Pay Per View are huge!

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