Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Bunt

The Cubs recent lineup changes have brought an element of speed to the team that I can't remember ever seeing with Pie, Fontenot, The Riot and Pagan.

Quite often with these players, situational hitting is usually a prerequisite when they're at the plate, and the bunt can quite often accomplish the desired result.

The bunt can do the job when a player needs to be moved over and with the speed of these players, also provide an opportunity for them to reach base safely as well.

If a player is at 3B with less than two outs, the conventional wisdom is that you need a deep enough fly ball to score him. The bunt however, can accomplish the same thing with these speedsters at the plate, and with just as great of success rate. When the opposition knows that the Cubs will use this ploy aggressively, it will open holes in their defense and provide a greater chance of success for the player to hit safely if he decides to swing away.

The only one of this quartet I've seen demonstrate a real knack for the bunt so far has been Pagan. The rest of this group needs to incorporate the bunt into their arsenal as well. If they're not that proficient at it, then put the extra time in to become so.

Laying down a bunt isn't just the providence of the lame swinging pitcher. Anyone with the speed and lack of power of these four, can help the team and themselves immeasurably by refining this skill.

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