Friday, June 08, 2007

Can 88 Wins Get You In?

Even the Cubs have demonstrated how decent starting pitching and the elimination of bone head plays can produce a little win streak. Therefore, is it that much to ask for the them to win 6 out of every 10 games the rest of the season? If the starters stay on track I don't see why not.

That means instead of going 500, they win only 1 more game out of every 10. If the Cubs can accomplish this they'll wind up with 88 wins on the season. Is that enough? I think so. Are the Cubs a complete team? Not by a long shot. However the offense, which was in the shitter for a variety of reasons the past two months, is now producing enough runs to win. Of course they take a big hit if Ramirez is out for an extended portion of the season, but with that aside, if the rotation produces at least one 7 inning performance every time through, the bullpen won't be abused and the offense should be able to carry the day.

We all realize the team's shortcomings and hopefully in years to follow a new owner will build the organization with the long term success of the team in mind. Still we are only one third the way through the season. It's fair to say the Cubs rotation is superior to any division opponents, and Piniella seems to have had enough and has flashed Hendry the bird. The Cubs have been sleep walking through the season thus far and Piniella is going to play Joe Blow off the street if veterans that can't play heads up. Piniella made some errors in judgement and has had his hands tied with Hendry's acquistions but he realizes now that Pie and The Riot, provide the much needed spark of enthusiasm needed to bring this offense and defense out of the doldrums.

When you look around the National League and more specifically the NL Central, there aren't many teams that don't have some glaring weaknesses. I doubt many other teams could stand up to the scrutiny of glaring Cub fans if they were our home team and we witnessed them perform day in and day out.

Many of even the most critical Cub fans feel the Cubs can play 500 ball, so is it that much of a stretch to envision the team winning 6 out of 10 instead of 5 out of 10?

And no, I haven't started my weekend early by pounding margaritas instead of Maxwell House at 8am. I'm just tired of all the bitching and moaning, much by myself, and now prefer to look at what CAN be accomplished by this team, instead of cashing the season in.

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