Thursday, June 15, 2006

Uncle Bud sends us a letter

As a result of the Jason Grimsely story and the rumors that followed, Bud Selig has written an open letter to us, the fans of major league baseball. You can see a copy of the entire letter at Bud gets tough with his stance on HGH below:

Seven-hundred-fifty great athletes play Major League Baseball. The overwhelming majority are hard-working, honorable individuals who play to win the right way. But among the seven-hundred-fifty, there have been and still are those who would cheat the game to gain an advantage. They hurt not only themselves, but they unfairly raise questions about the integrity of their teammates who play by the rules and they violate the trust placed in them by you, the fans. These players who use performing-enhancing substances offend all of us who care for the game and I will not tolerate their actions.

Next, he finally mentions something that many of us have mentioned, these players are breaking the law:

These individuals break the rules of baseball. But the use of steroids, human growth hormone, and other performance-enhancing drugs in this manner is also against the law. The investigative abilities of the F.B.I. are powerful and baseball players are no different than anyone else in our society. If you break the law, you put yourself at risk.

And he gives us a little history lesson:

I am committed to protecting our game. The Office of Commissioner of Baseball was created nearly 86 years ago to ensure the integrity of America's pastime. I know my duty is to uphold that great tradition.

Many have compared Selig's current circumstances with what Judge Landis faced with the Black Sox scandal when he became the games first commissioner. So Uncle Bud is acknowledging that it is his job to protect the game. I'm real interested to see what follows this letter. Will there be action?

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