Monday, June 19, 2006

Sinking feeling

You see, Jim Hendry told us that if the team held it's ground everything would be better when Mark Prior and Kerry Wood returned. On Sunday Prior gave Cub fans his right handed impersonation of Glendon Rusch. The sad truth is what Rick Morrissey wrote in the morning Trib-Prior's Cubs' bad day doesn't matter. Rick nailed this column, including this:

The main thing, the most incriminating thing, was that none of it mattered in a 12-3 Cubs' loss. Sunday was left to bob aimlessly against the rocks of insignificance. To expect Prior to come in and shift the winds of fortune for the Cubs was silly, and bless the 39,938 fans who showed up Sunday and decided they were having none of it.

Over at Yahoo! Sports Jeff Passon didn't use a nautical reference, but he got the point across:

In another hopeless season for the Chicago Cubs, Prior represented a final glimmer of what could have been, because what might be is not worth thinking about, not with Derrek Lee still disabled, Kerry Wood felled by a sore arm and Dusty Baker's job as manager about as secure as a fast-food worker's. And what came of that gleam? Oh, just your typical leadoff home run, one of three longballs in a six-run first inning that tapered into an 80-car pileup of an outing and 12-3 victory by the Detroit Tigers.
And just in case you cared, Mr. Passon declared the Cub season dead(something this site and many others did months ago):

Not that there was any question of imminence, but the Cubs' season officially died Sunday.

The "rocks of insignificance" and "another hopeless season" that right there is where the Cubs ship has found itself. When you have a GM and manager that have used injuries as an excuse for three seasons, the ship usually winds up near the "rocks of insignificance"(the Commodore must be proud).

I'd love to go on to rant about Hendry and his horrible player personnel decisions, but that has become obvious even to the most optimistic observers. The 2006 Chicago Cubs team now in a run for the worst record in the National League (even I don't think the Cubs can catch the Royals for the worst record in all of baseball, but who knows). With 94 games to play this Cub team and season can now sink to depths even this page didn't think possible.

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