Friday, June 09, 2006

Back Where He Belongs

In a case of it was bound to happen, Kerry Wood is back on the DL.

Not a real surprise. I think a lot of us thought that the rehab on this injury was going to take a while and the possibility of setbacks always existed.

Just silly that the Gym Teacher on the Booze Cruise couldn't anticipate and get a starter to fill the void. This isn't a case of how some of the players that this page suggested picking up in free agency are doing in their new homes (Weaver and Millwood), its more a case that these players are doing something that Wood and Prior are not, giving their respective teams innings.

This isn't happening with Wood, and Prior is still hasn't made a contribution to the big club. Wait and see is just not a smart way to construct a roster for a team with one of the highest payrolls in the NL.

On a side note, Germany defeated Costa Rica 4-2 and Ecuador defeated Poland 2-0.

Saturday there are three matchups:

England vs Paraguay

Trinidad vs Sweden

Argentina vs Ivory Coast

I do believe the four letter sports network and ABC are carrying the games. Oh and I think the Cubs play the Reds tonight. Enjoy.

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