Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sign contest for Saturday's game

Hey everybody,

With the season in free fall 1060wester bj1234568 has offered us a chance to voice our dismay with the squad. I'll let him explain:
I fell into some tickets for this Saturday and thought Id put it up to the fine readers of 1060 West to come up with a profanity-free sign I can bring to Wrigley that'll get our feelings across?

So put up your idea for a sign. bj will choose the winner. The winner will receive Fabulous Prizes: an authentic 1989 Boys of Zimmer team poster along with a mid-90's media guide to be named later.

So on your marks, get ready, what should bj put on the sign...


UPDATE: A winner is chosen! This from bj1234568:

And, I have made my decision on the sign.

Drum roll......

"How many crappy second baseman does it take to finish 5th?"

But, as a bonus to 1060 West I'll put another on the back of the poster
(Two-sided) of your choice.

I'm going to make this (my wife actually) tomorrow after work, so I
need you all to decide whats going on side 2.

I went back and read these again. That was one of the funniest threads we've ever had on this crappy/unpopular blog. Great idea bj. And this gives me a reason to watch the game on Saturday.

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