Monday, May 08, 2006

In need of a spark

The accidental youth movement continues!

The Cubs are looking for a spark. With the GM telling us that significant deals are not made early in the season. The Cub GM looked to the minors and made a move. Hendry added the clubs fourth second baseman to the roster today. Ryan Theriot has been called up from Iowa.

It has not been announced who will be sent back. Many think it should be Bynum. It is more likely Restovich.

Theriot is a gritty player. Dallas Green calls players like Theriot "gamers" Ken Williams calls them "grinders" whatever the term is, the Cubs can use Theriot. At Iowa, Theriot was hitting .282 with 3 doubles, 14 runs scored and 5 steals. Theriot spent most of his time playing 2B at this season, he also played OF, and he's been hitting second in the lineup.

JP commented on Theriot after watching him play last week at Nashville(something tells me we may go back to your post a little bit more in the coming days as the Cubs look for help):

Theriot is a player pure and simple..he seems to always make good contact and makes the plays in the infield..he too threw a man out at home on a dropped relay from Augie on an attempted 6-43...once he dropped the ball taking it out of his glove it rolled away and the runner on thrid broke--it ended up as 6-4-2 dp. Quite rare.

At this point I'd get him in the lineup and see if he can help the cause. Let's take this opportunity to see if the kids can play.

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