Friday, January 20, 2006

Your 2006 Cubs - Fun with Slogans

I think something that's lacking for the 2006 Cubs team is a slogan. I've come up with a few just to get the ball rolling. Feel free to add your own.

2006 Chicago Cubs:

Same bs, different package.

Now with more Kerry Wood simulated game wins.

OBP? We just want batters to hit the ball.

Taking ridiculous signings to a whole new level. (I wrote this one back in October of last year, how prophetic)

Guess correctly how one of our starting pitchers is injured during the season and get a free popcorn. (Only redeemable if that starting pitcher has thrown 120+ pitches in that game.)

Get a scorecard with donut glaze on it and win a free small soda (Only redeemable during the bottom of the 9th of value games in April)

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