Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lame ducks?

In today's Bright One Mike Kiley reports that GM Jim Hendry is likely to receive a two year extension. As most of you know this is old news. It was reported at the end of last season that MacFail was considering giving extensions to both Hendry and Baker this coming spring training. It looks like nothing has changed:
If Hendry gets at least a two-year extension, as anticipated, it then would fall to both Hendry and his bosses whether to offer manager Dusty Baker a two-year extension. Indications are that is likely to happen, as well, with both Hendry and Baker entering the last year of their contracts.

Nothing new here. But next, Kiley dropped this little nugget:
Baker has downplayed questions about an extension, and some believe he wouldn't accept it.

Dusty won't accept an extension!?!? Does this mean the Cub skipper is going to go into next season as a lame duck manager? Serve the fourth year of his contract with the Cubs and head off to greener pastures? I find this very hard to believe. Maybe Dusty does not realize that the trail following the Cub managerial post usually does not lead to these pastures. Rather it leads to a graveyard.

Nationally Dusty Baker's image is nowhere near where it was when he was in San Francisco. Baker has been exposed as a poor in game manager and strategist. His handling of the Cubs pitching staff has been laughable. If MacFail and Hendry are dumb enough to offer Hard Bake a two year extension, I'd advise Dusty to take the money and run. Lord knows he has not earned it.

Alderman Tunney and the Rooftops
Also in today's Bright One, Fran Spielman reports from City Hall that Tom Tunney and the rooftop owners have come to an agreement that will allow them to build up another 8'. In exchange the rooftops will increase some safety precautions and contribute to a neighborhood fund.

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