Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rumor: 3 way deal involving Korey?

One of my favorite offseason sites MLB Trade Rumors has a Cub rumor front and center today. The deal involves the Northsiders, Red Sox, and Mariners. Here's the deal as it was rumored:

Here's the scenario:

BOS gives: Bronson Arroyo, Tony Graffanino, PTBNL
BOS gets: Jeremy Reed, Will Ohman

CHC gives: Corey Patterson, Ohman
CHC gets: Raul Ibanez, Graffanino, cash

SEA gives: Reed, Ibanez, cash
SEA gets: Arroyo, Patterson, PTBNL

So let's get this straight--not only would the Cubs rid themselves of Patterson, they would actually receive money from the Mariners. A couple of years ago Jim Hendry performed a similar miracle when he dealt the untradeable Todd Hundley(along with Chad Hermansen) to the Dodgers for Karros and Grudz. While I'm not ready to predict the same results, this trade could have a HUGE impact on the clubs outlook for 2006.

Most of you know what this page thinks about Patterson. Our very own gaius marius will be happy to drive Korey from his home in suburban Atlanta to Seattle, WA. So the loss of Patterson is the old addition by subtraction-right? I think Ohman would be a loss for the Cub pen (and who would give Len the Word of the Day on the TV broadcasts?). What would Ibanez and Graffanino bring to the Cubs?

The left handed hitting leftfielder Ibanez would bring respectable numbers to the Cub outfield. As MLB Trade Rumors notes it would probably mean the end of Matt Murton, at least in a starting role for 2006:

I don't have any information on where Matt Murton would find himself if the proposed trade takes place, but he wouldn't have a starting gig for the Cubs.

Ibanez's career numbers look like this .283 BA, .341 OBP and .436 SLG. Last season, at spacious Safeco Field, Raul hit 32 doubles, 20 HR's, scored 92 runs, drove in 89 runs, hit .280 with a .355 OBP, and .436 SLG. Ibanez is a solid big league outfielder. He'd make you wish Hendry hadn't wasted a dime on Jacque Jones.

Graffanino is what Dallas Green used to call a "gamer" or what Kenny Williams calls a "grinder". He plays every infield position and last year put up good offensive numbers splitting time between the Royals and Red Sox. In 110 games Graffanino hit .309 with a .366 OBP. Graffanino would allow the Cubs to trade Todd Walker. He could split time with Hairston and Perez at 2B and Dusty would love having him on the bench on days he didn't start.

What's not to like about this rumored deal? Nothing I can see as a Cub fan. The Seattle GM covets Patterson? Hendry would give Dusty two experienced professional players. Is everything upside down?

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