Saturday, January 29, 2005

Sammy e-Mail read on ESPN Radio earlier today...

The Sammy deal continues to produce opinions this one from 1060west's own Vehere:

(This was an e-mail that I sent to ESPN Radio. It was
amazingly read on the radio. I apologize in advance
for not getting a plug for the blog, I honestly didn't
think it would have been read)

The Chicago sports fan is one that appreciates hard
work and giving it your all. Sosa walking out on his
teamates and the fans sounded a death blow to his days
here in Chicago.

The relationship could have been repaired, but Sosa
has never publicly apologized (only through his

Most Cubs fans would have let it slide if Sosa
returned to his old form, but after watching a less
than patient hitter not advance runners or hit to the
opposite field like he did in 1998 maybe it was time
for a change.

The media created Sammy, he was the homerun hitting
dancing bear. This is the same media (via the Chicago
Tribune and its sports staff) that has called for
Sammy's head all last season. Go figure.

As a Cubs fan, I welcome the trade. I just hope that
GM Jim Hendry has a suitable defensive and offensive
answer for right field.

Enjoy your show, keep up the good work.

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