Saturday, January 29, 2005

Meanwhile in a Dominican Republic Electronics store…

(A dramatization Not to be taken seriously)

Sahm: Yes, I’ll take this one, it has to have more power than my old one and be impenetrable to baseball bat blows. Can I try this cd out on it?

Salesman: Of course Senior Sosa, it is reinforced with concrete. Here, you put in the cd like this.

Sahm: And where do you turn it on? (Sahm flipping a switch on his new, louder boombox)

Radio Announcer: This just in…Our beloved national hero Sammy Sosa, who was besmirched by the evil Chicago media giant, will be traded to Baltimore.

Sahm: Oh, I better get ready. I need to book a trip to Venezuela and call Manny the Mule.

Salesman: Senior Sosa, should I wrap this up for you?

Sahm: No, I will walk out with it. (Sosa turning on the cd player and letting loud Salsa music blare). I hope that Miguel Tejada likes this cd…

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