Thursday, January 27, 2005

Alderman Tunney signs off on Cubs Bleacher Expansion

In today's Bright One Fran Spielman reports that Alderaman Tom Tunney has decided to support the Cubs expansion plan at Wrigley Fd. This move begins clearing the way for nearly 1,800 additional bleacher seats along with construction of the Wrigley campus next to the ballpark.

In exchange for the expansion the Cubs will pay for the development of a neighborhood park they will also provide transportation-trolleys- to take fans to and from the hotels on Michigan Ave. and to and from a couple of Metra stops. In addition to this the Cubs will pay the city for the land just west of the ballpark and they will pay for the sidewalk witch will be swallowed up on Waveland and Sheffield.

As a fan of the Cubs finding more revenue I am happy to hear this news. Finally this deal may be close to actually happening. I won't hold my breath.

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