Friday, January 07, 2005

Let's JUICE the MLB and it's players

(Note: The following is a submission from MCav. He's having trouble submitting his posts.)

All season ticket holders and people that provide sufficient proof of
attendance should sue all involved in the recent steroid scandal for:

The increased value of ticket prices as reflected by the increase in
Home-runs by steroid use.
The period of time would be 1998-to present, (you would have to show a
direct correlation between the increase in ticket prices and how
increased home runs affected such)

MLB is at fault for their failure of action against steroid use, this
has been going on for years, and the players (caminitti) have already
made it public.

The players association and players: sue those that fail steroid tests,
and had an increase in salaries due to the fact they put up better
numbers with steroids.

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