Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wood to DC?

Well, here's the rumor of the day (Thanks to 1060West reader Coomerfan for the tip). Wood to the Nats for 2B Jose Vidro and OF Ryan Church. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that Wood may be moved. If Vidro is reasonably healthy, this would be a very nice trade, IMO. This would allow the Cubs to get in the mix for one of the FA starters still available. Millwood and Weaver should be at the top of Hendry's list. Church would be a nice lefty 4th OF, provide insurance if Murton struggles or gets hurt, and can adequately fill in defensively in CF. A reasonably healthy Vidro allows Hendry to move Walker and pitching propects to Texas for Kevin Mench or Brad Wilkerson (or figure out how to get his hands on Aubrey Huff). The $s are a bit of an issue, but since Vidro will make $7M in '06 it shouldn't be a huge stumbling block. The Cubs might have to eat some of Wood's salary to help even things out.

I hope that Hendry can get this deal done ASAP and then get on to upgrading the starting pitching and finding a RF. Considering where the Cubs are right now, I'd be pleasantly surprised if the '06 25 man roster looked as follows...

five OFs - Murton, Pierre, Mench/Wilkerson/Huff, Church, Mabry
six IFs - Ramirez, Lee, Cedeno, Vidro, Perez, Hairston
two Cs - Barrett, Blanco
five SPs - Z, Prior, Millwood/Weaver, Madduz, Rusch/Williams
seven RPs - Demp, Williamson, Howry, Eyre, Ohman, + two kids (prolly Welly & Wuertz)

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