Friday, December 09, 2005

winter ball update

as cub fans everywhere first gasp and then start praying really hard for this manna to fall from their particular heaven, this page considered that some tension might be broken if we took a look around winter ball at a couple of cub players.

virtually all the cubs players participating signed up with the licey tigers of the dominican republic, and a quick perusal of their stats -- one must consider that there's no roster limitation, so there are a lot of players on every team, many of whom never play in the games -- we find felix pie deflating some hype by hitting .209 in 91 at-bats, with one homer, one stolen base and just four walks to counter his 19 strikeouts. two triples show the speed probably hasn't gone anywhere, though, despite his 2005 injuries, and he's playing virtually every day.

on the pitching side, cub prospect carlos marmol has played to expectation -- 3.2 innings, 2.45 era and only one hit allowed, but four walks to measure against three strikeouts. control continues to be his big issue.

roberto novoa fanned four in two innings, but was also typically touched up for three hits, a walk, and three runs. this guy should not, repeat not be on the 25-man roster on april 1 if the cubs want to win.

a few other cub players -- aramis ramirez and kids you've never heard of -- also are on licey's roster. a-ram hasn't played and probably won't much.

elsewhere in the dominican, neifi perez is 0-for-16 with one walk playing for escogido. (why did hendry sign him for two years, again?)

anyway, we hope this small interlude diverted you, dear reader, for just a moment from your unhealthy tejada fantasies.

UPDATE: whoops, almost forgot an important winter league story -- erstwhile cub shortstop ronny cedeno has done nicely in the venezuelan league for tigres de aragua, chalking a .349 average in 109 at-bats, no homers and 13 rbi, five walks and 15 k's. this is good, of course -- who doesn't want to hit .349? -- but also bad. despite the very high average, cedeno's obp is just .381, reflecting a concerning lack of plate discipline. you can ride a hot streak only so long, and riding hot streaks doesn't make much of a major-league career.

also, henry blanco is tagging it for .254 in 134 at-bats for leones de caracas.

reynel pinto is in the venezuelan league, playing for the caribes de anzoategui, but has pitched just one inning, giving up two hits and eight (yep, eight) walks -- and he's not our problem anymore, is he? adam greenberg is still a cub, however, and in his time for caribes he's carved out a 270/372/421 line in 126 at-bats, with three homers and 14 rbi, 18 walks and 32 fans.

down in the mexican pacific league, scott chiasson has racked up 14 saves and a 2.08 era in 24 appearances for mayos de navojoa.

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