Monday, December 12, 2005

The lighter side

Or maybe more appropriately titled, "Why I love the Washington Nationals GM, Jim Bowden"

Since there was a little banter on the blogs lately about the Nats parting ways with Jose Vidro due to the trade acquistion of Alfonso Soriano, I took a gander at the current Washington roster. I was amazed to see Jim Bowden's overwhelming lust for second basemen. He has SIX, count 'em six, on his roster (according to ESPN) currently. Along with the aforementioned, Vidro and Soriano, the Nats have Marlon Anderson, Jamey Carroll, Damien Jackson, & Junior Spivey. Now I know that both Anderson and Jackson have played some OF the last couple years and Carroll can also play SS. But the fact that Bowden has a roster with six guys who've spent the majority of their careers at the same position is completely ludicrous. Note that four of these guys have been added since the middle of the '05 season; Spivey acquired during last season, Anderson and Jackson signed as free agents this offseason, & the recent trade for Soriano. IMO, both Spivey and Vidro are likely to be moved since it doesn't look like Alfonso is moving to the OF.

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