Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cubs acquire Pierre

According to the Cubs will acquire leadoff hitter Juan Pierre today for a group of young arms including Pinto and Nolasco. is reporting that Sergio Mitre is also involved in the deal making it a 3-for-1 deal.

The Atlanta Braves didn't pursue Pierre because the cost was too high. This from

Pierre's weak arm and the .326 on-base percentage he produced last year were two things that made him undesirable to the Braves to fill their leadoff spot. So, too, was the fact the Marlins, like the Devil Rays, were asking for too much for a marginal return.

The article also gives a little tidbit: Atlanta is talking with the Red Sox about Edgar Renteria. Hmmmm.

So it looks like Hendry will get his leadoff man, but it'll cost him. The Cubs are paying quite a bit for a player that may wind up being only a one year fix in centerfield. This all is starting to seem quite pointless. The Cubs just have too many holes and question marks for 2006.

There are a few positives. First, we know this ends the Klown era at the corner of Waveland and Sheffield. The walkathon is officially FOR SALE. It looks like it will be moving on to another teams blog for 2006! Second, Crazy Milton Bradley will probably have to take his act elsewhere. Ahhh, but who knows.

UPDATE 9:21: Who knows is right. This deal may actually pave the way for Crazy Milton to play RF for the Cubs. For some reason Ned Colletti covets Korey. A Walker/Korey combo for Bradley may happen. Rumors, rumors.

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