Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More help for the 'pen

Last week Jim Hendry added left handed pitcher Scott Eyre. This week he's in pursuit of help from the right hand side. The Daily Herald and ESPN Radio 1000 are reporting that the Cubs are going after another former White Sox relief pitcher. This time it's former Sox closer Bobby Howry. Howry had a great season with the Indians in 2005.

The financial details will make many shrug. As 1060west expert Gaius Marius stated:

$9mm for two years with a third year player option? does eyre's agent have pictures of colonel mccormick with a donkey? regardless of how one feels about eyre, that is a TON of money for a loogy!! and the second loogy in the pen at that!!
even if eyre has another good year for the cubs (which is questionable), this just reinforces for me the ineptitude of the general management.

Well GM, rumors have the contract for Howry being the same as the contract for Eyre. Errrr. I am happy to see the Cubs adding bullpen help, but GM makes a great point about the cost and the inconsistency of relievers. Is there any question that either Dempster, Eyre or Howry will be this years ticking bomb in the pen?

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