Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hendry trying to step on the pedal in pusuit of Pierre?

On the day Jim Hendry finalized a deal for Bobby Howry(3 yrs, $12 million), the White Sox dealt their centerfielder to the Phillies for Peoria native Jim Thome. This could put Kenny Williams smack dab in the middle of the Juan Pierre bidding. Maybe Jumpin' Jim Hendry realized this and decided it was time to get this Pierre thing done. This from

Report: Cubs close to acquiring Pierre

WSCR 670 in Chicago is reporting that the Cubs are close to acquiring Juan Pierre from the Marlins for three prospects.One would be left-hander Renyel Pinto. According to the report, center fielder Felix Pie wouldn't be involved.
Another expendable reliever probably would be. Roberto Novoa or Jermaine Van Buren could help the Marlins. Nov. 23 - 9:10 pm et

Van Buren or Novoa, I really don't care. I have lost all faith in the Cub minor league system. So any of these guys is not a big deal to me. I'd be happy to see Pie leave, but that's just me. Pinto may be the key to this deal on for the Fish, as we know the Marlins love to steal young Cub minor league lefthanders.

The 23 year old Pinto was 10-3 at double-A with a 2.78 ERA in 22 games, 21 starts, he had a 1.23 WHIP at West Tenn. Things changed dramatically for Pinto at triple- A. He was 1-2 in 6 starts. Now the disturbing numbers 24 earned runs in 22.2 IP. That's a 9.53 ERA to go along with a 2.43 WHIP.

As the Marlins head into another fire sale, Jim Hendry ought to take a long look at the Marlins talented roster and see if their is any more help that can come from South Florida.

I'm preparing to eat to much and enter the food coma. I hope you do the same.

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