Monday, November 21, 2005

Corporate ownership

I constantly complain about the faceless corporate ownership of the Chicago National League Ballclub. The only thing worse than having them own your favorite team would probably be working for them.

With job loss in the news today, it's difficult to imagine a struggling corporation opening up their checkbook to buy another millionaire ballplayer, while they are eliminating jobs. But that's what's happening.

This might be the first time I have ever agreed with the Tribs Mike Downey. This from his Saturday column:

Please forgive me if I can't quite bring myself to encourage the Cubs to offer $50 million to a shortstop, Rafael Furcal, at the same time Tribune Co. (which owns the Cubs, this newspaper and papers in Los Angeles; Hartford, Conn.; and Orlando, among others) is announcing the elimination of more than 200 jobs. Sorry.

That is today's corporation. Axe several hundred people that make $50 grand because the corporation is suffering. Follow that up by signing a new shortstop for $50 million. It doesn't sound right and it ain't fair, but it's business.

Still the Tribsters know where they can make up for some of the losses. raise ticket prices! This from the annual invoice sent to season ticketholders:

Although the on field performance was disappointing, the 2005 season was memorable with attendance of 3.1 Million, the Red Sox series, and even Jimmy Buffett concerts. Hopefully the 2006 season will be more exciting with a return to post season play.
They fess up to the fact that 2005 sucked. But they tell the fans to remember the fun stuff! What? Now pay 10-20% more for your tickets. Thanks a bunch, we'll see you in April.

It is what it is. The Tribune ownership has grown so, soo, soooooo tiresome. Still the hope that they will sell lingers. When will an owner like Mark Cuban come to the Northside and take the Cubs away from Tribune Company? Not soon enough.

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