Friday, November 11, 2005

Juan Pierre

Jim Hendry is gonna try and recreate the Cubs offensive team this offseason with a solid one-two punch. While he focuses on signing free agent Raffy Furcal starting today, he is also rumored to be in trade talks trying to work out a multi-team deal that would send Korey packing and bring Juan Pierre to the Northside. This from Thursday's Miami Herald:

In addition, two reports put the Marlins in the middle of preliminary discussions on a multiteam trade that is said to involve the Chicago Cubs' Corey Patterson and Florida's Juan Pierre.

Some in the CBA are not fans of Pierre. Still many Cub fans remember the jackrabbit Pierre that seemed to be in the middle of everything offensive for the Marlins in the 2003 NLCS.

Thursday afternoon on the Score, Steve Stone talked about Pierre. He said that Pierre has a workout regimen that would be good for the Cubs. He said that the Cub players, including a certain overweight third sacker, would benefit from seeing Pierre work. Stone also said that he thought Pierre would provide some of the leadership that has been lacking at Clark and Addison.

Making all of this happen might take a miracle. One thing is clear though. Hendry is going to address the leadoff spot. The Cubs are going to have a one-two punch in 2006 that won't be Corey Patterson and Neifi Perez. That right there is an upgrade.

There are still a few lost souls that are afraid Patterson will go to another team and be Lou Brock. That's not gonna happen. The kid will be lucky if he's in the big leagues in 2008. Since Dusty came to the Cubs in 2003, the best ball the Cubs have played was when Korey Patterson was on the DL. Sending him packing will be a major upgrade, regardless of who they bring in.

If, somehow, Hendry is able to bring in both Furcal and Pierre the Cubs will find themselves with their best top of the order since the daily double of Dernier and Sandberg in '84. These moves would be significant and might restore some of my faith in the Cubs GM.

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