Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just Spitballin' Here!

Much has been made of upgrading the Cubs offense this off season and rightly so, but does anyone else think we need another stud in the rotation?

Going after another starter will be difficult, but a team that Hendry has had a good relationship and success in dealing with is the Pirates.

Instead of pursuing B. Roberts, whom I like very much, would there be a package the Cubs could offer the Pirates for J. Wilson and Ian Snell that would solve the SS black hole on the Cubs and bring a proven young starter to bolster the rotation as well.

And while Hendry's at it, go sign K. Lofton for insurance, just in case Pie is included in the deal with the Pirates.

And let's not forget if G. Soto falters, Lollygagger Girl Kerry, is waiting in the wings. It's all good!

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