Thursday, December 20, 2007

Barring A Trade...

This is what's left of the free agent starting pitchers...

Bartolo Colon

There is always a risk when a pitcher uses 12 ounce curls as his main regiment for conditioning but, he improved with the more starts he had after he came back last year from elbow surgery.

Kyle Lohse

Well Lohse is the antithesis of Colon, and at 29 years of age could be the effective innings eater we hoped J. Marquis would be.

Livan Hernandez

No longer an ace in the rotation and is probably a disciple of the Bartolo Colon workout regiment but, he's never been hurt and is as savvy a starter as you'd want.

Matt Clement

Coming off rotator surgery is always dicey, but he could be acquired for a song and would be worth the gamble to see if he could regain his old form in spring training.

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