Wednesday, July 12, 2006

theosophic karma

this writer has never put a lot of faith in the notion of theosophic karma. there is much to admire in the original and far more deeply considered notion of karma central to the dharma, but the new-age western idea that an unthinking world-spirit is imposing psychical-energy balance on human affairs is just a bridge too far. way too far, in fact.

however, a re-evaluation may be in order after this. carlos zambrano was hit in the elbow by a fungo at the all-star game, aborting his appearance and putting his turn in the rotation in doubt.

who was swinging the bat? reputed ankle-biter and white sox coach joey cora, notorious participant and suspendee in the michael barrett melee.

this page isn't sure what to say about it except that zambrano could use the rest. he's the major league leader in pitches thrown this season with 2129 in 19 starts -- an amazing 112 per start. the team, having been finished for some time and having a backlog of young pitchers to sort through, certainly doesn't need him to pitch. one hopes that he -- or his arm, anyway -- savors whatever time off may come of it.

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