Friday, July 07, 2006

Frustration runneth over

We have discussed in several recent threads the frustraion of many fans. In particular we have talked about the frustration from fans who have followed this team for 50, 60 or more years. The other day in the 1060w e-mail box I received this e-mail from long suffering Cub fan Bob D.

I sit here, 500 miles away from Wrigley and shake my head. When are the gentrified, SUV driving and nostalgia driven masses going to finally say that enough is enough?

I was born 62 years ago next month in Chicago and family myth says that I came home in Kiki Cuyler's stadium jacket. Like my father before me, I make the annual pilgrimage to the North Side - from the hub of the Great Lakes to the Hub of ignominy. Last year I even genuflected at Harry's Throne. I pay premium rates
to get WGN in the city and have a satellite dish on my my own little piece of paradise on a bay in Lake Huron for the same.

My Cub roots go very deep. Dad had a try-out with the Cardinals in 1929 at Wrigley Field, but my sainted grandmother wouldn't let him sign - too much like joining the circus. Had she said yes, godonlyknows if he would have made The Bigs, but I'd have been spared the pain of a life time of blue and red angst.

I will return again in September, but this time I will go the Sox-Tiger game. I quit on Sammy when he missed 17 consecutive cut-off men and I am now quitting on the Cubs.

This isn't "next year". It's my "last year".

The feelings from Bob D. are echoing through Cubdom. Yesterday I was outside of Des Moines wearing my Cub hat (sun protection) when a fan came up to me and said "hey, go cubs" we chuckled for a bit. Next we discussed the sad state of the Northsiders. He said that he makes an annual trip to Wrigley Field, he won't make the trip this year. What I am trying to say is many long suffering fans feel the same way Bob does.

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