Monday, April 03, 2006

people get ready

rather than quote the great curtis mayfield at length, let this writer simply say that if you're ever going to be hopeful this year about the cubs, today's the day.

as you, dear reader, likely know if you've spent any time reading here in the last few months, this page has found little to be optimistic about in this offseason. but that clearly doesn't preclude hope -- while optimism under these conditions may reek of simpleminded silliness, hope in the unlikely possible remains fundamental to all things human.

so here's to a wholesale defiance of the odds in every unlikely respect:

  • may zambrano's arm remain free of pernicious malware no matter how dusty (ab)uses him;

  • may sean marshall turn out to be the next fernando and matt murton the next freddie lynn;

  • may ronny cedeno both hit and field well enough to keep neifi on the bench;

  • may ryan dempster find the corners all year long;

  • may wood, prior and miller all trade towels for baseballs by the end of may and return to old form;

  • may jacque jones actually hit both .300 and the cutoff man;

  • may todd walker find peace and a lot of at-bats in judicious silence;

  • may dusty baker make at least a few good tactical decisions;

  • and of course -- may the chicago cubs win the world series... at least in my lifetime. please.
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