Tuesday, March 14, 2006

surprise surprise surprise

mark prior, experiencing pain in his shoulder, is going to have it looked at by the infamous doctor lewis yocum.

read it and weep.

Prior was scheduled to pitch off the mound on Tuesday, but he never got there. The shoulder flared up during long tossing.

"It wasn't getting loose so we weren't going to try it," pitching coach Larry Rothschild said.

The right-hander will be examined by Dr. Lewis Yocum.

"He had some posterior cuff irritation that obviously we need to get evaluated," trainer Mark O'Neal said.

With the Cubs taking Wednesday off and Prior heading home to San Diego, the organization asked him to see Yocum. O'Neal wasn't sure what tests Prior might undergo.

"Hopefully, it's just a little snag," general manager Jim Hendry said. "When he said he had discomfort, that was the first time he had said that all spring."

"He hadn't had anything to this point," manager Dusty Baker said. "We'll keep our fingers crossed."

all this too is, of course, yet another lie. prior's shoulder has been hurting for some time, was probably in fact hurting last year and was obviously known within the cub organization in january. this shoulder pain -- a poorly kept secret -- is what necessitated prior's no-throwing throwing schedule, the delays in his spring, all of which was endlessly, endlessly, endlessly lied about by anyone and everyone, including prior himself.

as an added bonus, derrek lee had his bruised shoulder looked at by yocum. but prior is, of course, at this point the great concern. the sole and solitary comment having any ring of truth at all eminating from cubs camp comes from larry rothschild, who may finally have gotten sick of the constant deception.

Hendry said there were no problems after Prior pitched two simulated innings on Sunday, and he was scheduled to pitch four on Thursday. But Rothschild seemed more concerned.

"It seems like it's a little bit more than that," Rothschild said.

we'll report results if and when they become available.

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