Friday, March 03, 2006

prior to miss first start

this writer was underwhelmed to learn that the papers are confirming mark prior will miss his first turn and hopes to pitch the second. prior still hasn't faced live batters more than two weeks after the initial reporting date. the club is now at least openly saying that all this is injury prevention -- rather than repeating the more transparent lies about a christmastime illness.

but this page is of the confirmed opinion that the cubs will never tell the whole truth about the health of their staff. it has become institutuionally ingrained for the team to lie first, furiously and ridiculously, only slowly being beaten back by the increasingly obvious to a reluctant acknowledgment of truth. if it sounds cynical, so be it; it is certainly evidenced -- from internet elbows to achilles heels.

and that makes this page deeply suspicious. with rumors abounding about the state of prior's arm, the fact that the cubs are not hiding prior's elbow concerns is something of a disturbing sign.

this page would not dispute that such an "analysis", if it would not sully the word, is merely an exercize in kremlinology -- a recourse to augury where information, when available, is patently unreliable. there is plenty of room for error.

but with prior now missing starts where he was once merely "taking it slower", this page is forced to consider history and smirk ruefully. while one can hope for the best, it is perhaps better to also gird oneself for bad news.

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